Friday, July 18, 2008

Who Are The Spiders in Search Engine Marketing

If you are talking to an SEO you are sure to come across the therm 'spider' and that the spider crawls the website pages. Who or what is this spider after all and hoe does he crawl over our website? The spiders are bots that the search engines have created in order to index websites according to their content. It is for these spiders that our website is ranked in the search engines and is provided a suitable position. This is a technique unique to search engine marketing which, has become a commonly used phrase everywhere in the Internet.

Talking about search engine marketing and its ranking technique, lets have a small discussion on what exactly is this technique and how does it function.

When you create a website the first thing that you wish to do is index it in the search engines for organic ranking. Organic ranking by the way is the process of getting your website to rank in the search engines for free. As soon as you index a website in the SE's it is saved for the spiders to crawl it. The spiders are thousands of bots created by the search engines, who crawl through websites listed by popularity ratio. The most popular sites listed first moving down towards the newer or less popular ones.

The spiders look for relevant keywords on each of the website pages and collect them together and save it in the similar format. As soon as a user types any of those related terms in the search engines the saved list of web pages are displayed in the search engine resulting page is the same order of popularity. This is how web pages are ranked. The ranking of websites is one of the important search engine marketing technique as most websites are evaluated according to their ranks in the search engines.

Websites that wish to get their websites optimized in the web search engines must know how to utilize this process to its best. They must be aware of the process, of how these various SEOsolutions and search engine marketing techniques can be used in order to gain the maximum benefit from them.

About the Author- Naman Jain is an online marketing professional, Presently working with Rupiz Media, one of the leading online marketing company offering expert UK web development services and website designing solutions over the globe.
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