Saturday, July 26, 2008

Seven Secrets Of Affiliate Internet Marketing

Everybody and there mom literally are starting to get on-line now if it's not to check there myspace it's to go buy that knock off designer purse on eBay

So you want to know how you can get them to come to your website or click you ad. Well your going to get everything you need to know to get started with these seven secrets of super affiliates.

Secret number 1
If you disagree with this first secret than you might as well stop reading. The first secret is the secret the law of attraction, to keep it simple (If you want more information check it out on google) keep a positive mind set, know what outcome you want and expect that, feel what it's going to feel like when those commission chechs start coming in and imagine it. If you have to print of the page that shows your commissions and write in the amount you want to see every month do it. Just feel it.

Secret number 2
OK now were on to all the technical stuff. All Super Affiliates know you have to have a good product but not only a good product but one that sells. If the owner of the product sales page isn't converting viewer's into buyers than you sending your traffic isn't going to do much either. You can always pre-sell the product but usually that means you have tested the product first hand. Check the stats for the product if possible and see if it's a good product.

Secret number 3
Now once you have a good product you need to make a landing page where you will send visitors to. Important note in most cases it is not good to shove the product down there throat as soon as they get to your landing page give them more information on the topic and passively but yet aggressively (you have to find the happy medium) guide them to the product, give them a plan of action that includes the product.

By the way if you choose to send the traffic directly to the merchant you lose out on repeat buyers, keeping track of your stats and so much more.

OK so you found a product and made your landing page now you need veiwer's or traffic.

Secret number 4
Traffic! Yes this is one of the most important ingredients in fact without traffic there are no commissions. There are a few major traffic sources writing articles, pay per click, joint ventures, search engine optimization, and a few more. Once you get the traffic the next most important part is converting that traffic.

Secret number 5
Converting traffic, if you send your prospects to your landing page you have to give them a reason to buy your product. Try giving them reasons like why the product will make there life better, try to focus on how the product or service is going to benefit them. Most people love when you break everything down for them into a plan so make a plan that will benefit them by using your product. Show them the difference between doing it with and without it. Now your making some money your one of 90% but there are a few more things you need.

Secret number 6
Research, there are so many things you could look at and tweaking all of them could have a huge impact on you business but one of the main things to research is keywords, keywords are what the Internet works on keywords and links basically these are the two ways everyone finds what the want.

Secret number 7
Repeat, yes that's it find another product and repeat it all over, it will get easier every time.

Now you know the seven secrets go forth and multiple you affiliate income so you can focus on the more important parts of life. Stop thinking about it and just do it but make sure you can feel it first.

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