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Online Linking Campaigns Services & Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Search Engine Optimization & Online Linking Campaigns Specialist

Google Page Rank Algorithm use Links building as a ranking factor. As written in Page Rank section, only quality link building add

Providing rich information’s, documentations, offering various goodies, original contents, Unique web design are the easiest way to get inbound links. Picture galleries, PDF, desktop & screensaver, jokes, movies anything that is not strictly related to making money with your website will attract people and webmasters.

Search Engine Optimization & Linking Campaign, Blog and Article, Press release, General Directory, Search Engine, Submission Services welcomes you to your best and shortest trip to popularity! Do you want high ranking for your website? Do you want an assured place on the top ranking in Search Engine ? Come to

Search Engine Optimization & linking Campaign total work of website promotion & good experience of link building. I can reach your site in top of the page in all search engine all type submission any time contact me by mail. Please give me a chance promote your web site. Please check my skills 1 time

This is what you get when you take us as your popularity link builder:

1. Link popularity – that is our very identity
2. Higher position in the SERP
3. Manual submission of your site to more than 1200 general web directories which are visible and well read by search engines
4. The URL indicating where your site has been placed on the directory
5. Tight time frame results – we work like magic for you & Your Partners
6. A guarantee of a fixed number of links according to the plan you are choosing
7. Continuous building up of back-links to your website regularly every month
8. Building reciprocal linking for your website every month
9. Free submission to SEO friendly web directories
10. A monthly report about your listings
11 Singal IP links

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want an excellent website with great returns? Don’t you want to see your page coming up in the first 10 in all SERPs?

This is no time for indecision – just give us your details

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  1. Links from only those sites that have their target link page accredited by Google.

  1. Links from sites that have PR specified links page.

  1. Links from websites indexed in the major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN)

  1. Links with specified Keywords in the Anchor Text.

  1. No more than 100 links per page where our link appears.

  1. Randomization on the anchor text and link description text so as to ensure variation in pattern of links.

  1. Links from relevant category pages only

  1. Link page should be recently cached on Google (not before a time period of more than 1 month)

  1. Link Pages should be linked from main website pages.

  1. Link to your site should not be through a Redirect Script.

  1. Links with Specified Keywords in the Anchor Text

  1. Covering maximum possible keywords in Link Description.

  1. No irrelevant/vague links .

  1. No reciprocal links

  1. No Java-Script based links.

  1. No Links from Frame Sites.

  1. No Links from flash sites.

  1. Robots.txt exclusions should not be there on Link pages.

  1. No links from Link Farms.

  1. No links from FFA (Free for All) sites.

  1. No links from Blogs.

  1. No Links from Domain Spam and Duplicate Domains.

  1. No Links to Sites with Lower Page Rank of 0 or 1

  1. No Links from high ranking directories for a set fee.

  1. No Links are sourced from Pornographic or Gaming websites.

  1. No SPAM should be used to solicit links.

  1. No links from Blogs and that have the Link "rel=nofollow" attribute.

No links from Adult website, and other sites containing offensive content.


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Do you have like my blog

Search Engine Optimization & Online Linking Campaigns Specialist

Do you have like my blog

Search Engine Optimization & Online Linking Campaigns Specialist


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Search Engine Optimization & Online Linking Campaigns Specialist

Search Engine Optimization & Online Linking Campaigns Specialist

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